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Our history


The company was founded by Antal Zombori, who is still the sole owner of UNIX Auto


The first version of TradeLine® software was launched


Foundation of the Romanian subsidiary


Foundation of the Slovakian subsidiary


Logistic Centre expansion with additional 7500 sqm warehouse space 12th place on the Forbes TOP 100 Hungarian company list Hungarian “Privát TOP 100” award


HVG TOP 500 legnagyobb árbevételű vállalat 150. helyezés 150th place on the HVG TOP 500 list of Hungarian companies with the biggest turnover


  • Invitation to ATR Group (2005) which is the world’s largest trading cooperation group for automotive spare part dealers
  • EUROPE TOP 500 award (2012) – 27th place in Europe
  • Business Superbrands award 5 times
  • Inc. 5000 Europe (2016) the second fastest growing Hungarian company with more than 100 million-euro turnover
  • Hungarian company of the year (2016) – This is a reward established by the Hungarian magazine, Figyelő which is given to the most successful company of the year
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