“A.Z. Meisterteile” is a car spare part brand which was established by Mr. Antal Zombori in 2012, who is the founder and owner of UNIX Auto, as there was a niche on the market for an umbrella brand which has a wide portfolio, offering the same quality as the OE brands and providing reliable spare parts and lubricants on a reasonable price.

The aim was to create a brand in which the car owners, the professional users and the workshops all can trust, so the main principle of the brand is reliance.

The brand always puts innovation and reliable quality into focus, so only the directly inspected and excellent quality manufacturers can supply products for this brand to ensure customers will get the best value for their money.

The product range is developing dynamically. The goal is to cover the entire wear parts assortment so a professional user can choose from a complete portfolio.

We all know that technical products can possibly break despite the best care. The best example is a space shuttle which was planned by the best engineers of mankind, was assembled with extreme caution and the parts were created by the best renowned manufacturers with the maximum effort. In spite of that, it crashed because of the error of a tiny gasket of which dozens can be found in ordinary cars as well. If it could happen that a faulty part was installed in a space shuttle, then surely it could also happen in case of a simple vehicle.

To avoid any problems which were caused by any faulty parts, a 2-year-long warranty is guaranteed to all “A.Z. Meisterteile” spare parts which is particular in the car spare part business. To make sure that the handling of warranty claims does not last until 30, 60 or even 90 days as usual in case of other brands, the “A.Z. Meisterteile” brand grants a response in maximum 3 days with the help of its own testing laboratory.

Under “A.Z. Meisterteile” brand name there are not only car spare parts from A to Z but the brand offers high-end, premium quality clothing and work safety products as well.

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