The A.Z. Meisterteile brand has proven to be a good choice when it comes to spare parts. Innovation and reliable quality have always been at the forefront of the brand, which has made it very popular on the market of spare parts in Central and Easter Europe. The dynamic development of its wide portfolio is guaranteed by its stable and high quality, backed by serious engineering and expertise, as well as rigorous control processes.

As its name suggests, under the A.Z. Meisterteile brand customers can find every product from A to Z that they might need when reparing a car.

High, German quality but on a reasonable price? Exactly.

Thanks to its favorable price levels, Meisterteile offers a cost-effective solution for owners and garages.

This is feasible because unlike in case of other German quality brands, the price level of the goods is identical, it cannot happen that the products are available at a lower price at other dealers, as UNIX Autó Kft. is the exclusive distributor.

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